Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The current plan

Wake up
20 minutes weight training
20 minutes elliptical
Protein Shake (100 Cals)
(Get ready for work)
Protein Shake (100 Cals)
35 minute walk to work
(Snack) Fage yogurt, Jello, oat bran (150 Cals)
(Lunch) Pre-packaged salad (250 Cals)
35 minute walk home from work
(Dinner)Protien/Veggie meal not exceeding(550 Cals)
20 minute elliptical

So we're looking at 5 meals a day at approximately 1150-1200 calories

To be beautiful

Today I was told I was stunning. Compliments are always too large and awkwardly shaped to go down my throat nicely. I remember the old adage beauty comes from within. I thought that meant someone's personality made them beautiful. I don't think it is that simple.

I think the other half of that phrase is that by feeling beautiful, people can see your beauty. Which is why so many funny looking people are seen as beautiful :P
But also, why when you do not feel beautiful other people rarely see it, and even when they do it makes you feel...awkward.

I've set a deadline for myself of September to work on me to the point I start to feel beautiful again. 3 months is a small and large goal when you think about it.

Been doing good so far, I see that inches are coming off, wish the pounds melted away as fast.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 week Course/ 92 day total body makeover Day 0

So I decided to participate in a couple of courses and challenges to help kick start my goals. I consider myself to have been in the researching phase these past couple of weeks since I first decided to blog my weightloss experience (I lost 10 lbs researching ;-P). The internet is overflowing with a wealth of knowledge and a crap load of junk. Recently I have looked into fasting/the anorexic diet, the Dukan diet, the HGC diet, etc etc. Of all I have found, I decided what I needed is a lifestyle (sorry dukan/HGC/Anorexic) that I could live with, and would train me and let me feel normal when I go out with friends.

I know a many people suggest telling the world you are dieting-- for me that sets me up to fail, makes me feel anxious and out of control. Like my behavior is on display and being judged, this anxiety makes me binge. I feel the way I would eat and purge in secret back in the day, is how I need to diet. That might be insane, but for now it is the best way to handle things. My boyfriend is the only one who really knows and is on board with the experience.  Which is wonderful, considering he can eat an entire cow in a sitting and still be a featherweight.

Anyhow Weight loss Mother is offering a 3 week course and she is amazingly inspirational. So I decided to hop on board for the journey. The beautiful girl lost 140 lbs in less than a year. Amazing! She also wrote an article inspiring people to shoot for a 60-70 lb  weight loss in 3 month. I would be perfectly thrilled with 50lbs. So starting tomorrow I begin her course and her plan. ANd we'll see if I make it to 50lbs in 3 months. That will put me right where I was when I considered myself hot (thick but hot) and from there it will be a hop, skip, and jump (30lbs) to hit my ultimate goal weight by my birthday. I need to be a perfect 10 in 2012.

Wish me luck!

Weight Loss Mother 3 Week Weight Loss Courser

Saturday, May 7, 2011